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Wealth Analysis

In the next 50 years, over $101 billion will be transferred in South Dakota.

Bringing philanthropy to life for a stronger state Using Wealth for the Good of South Dakota

In the next 50 years, over $101 billion will be transferred in South Dakota according to a report compiled by the Nebraska Community Foundation. That means an average of $2.02 billion will be transferred in South Dakota each year. Funneling some of this wealth into endowment funds could support community betterment projects for years to come. It will also prevent the wealth from leaving the state.

A $1 billion endowment could be created if just 5 percent of the wealth was pledged to a community-based endowment over the next 10 years. This would mean that South Dakota communities would have approximately $40 million for community betterment projects over the next 10 years.

Every county is different

The estimated transfer of wealth depends on a number of statistics regarding current net worth in the region. Because of fluctuating income and age levels, historical populations, and economic trends, we've created a wealth analysis for every county in South Dakota.

These reports highlight:

  • when the transfer of wealth is likely to occur
  • where the assets are currently held
  • how much worth will be transferred in each county

Plan now for community growth

These are valuable tools for planning your community projects and initiatives. To keep this wealth within your community, you need to develop a strategy today. SDCF can help you create this strategy.

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Contact us to discuss how your community can use this information for growth. We can assist in scheduling a discussion and provide recommendations for your community.