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Hope Through Tragedy with Emily's Hope

Emily’s Hope is a legacy charity in the name of a prolific painter whose life was cut short. On May 16, 2018, Emily Groth tragically died of fentanyl poisoning. Angela Kennecke, Emily’s mother, a seasoned investigative reporter, was covering a story focusing on the opioid crisis the day her daughter passed away. In the face of her grief, Angela vowed that she would do anything she could, in Emily’s name, to prevent other families from going through such a loss. This is how the nonprofit Emily’s Hope began.

What began as a fund to help offset the cost of treatment for substance use disorder has evolved into a complete nonprofit dedicated to removing the stigma of substance use disorder through awareness, education resources, and prevention; and eliminating financial barriers for treatment and recovery.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Emily’s story
  • How Emily’s Hope is offering renewed hope amidst the opioid epidemic
  • The life-saving programs being offered and developed at Emily’s Hope

“I really started thinking about the prevention aspect of the opioid crisis,” shared Angela, “You know, once someone is suffering from substance abuse disorder, it is such a rocky road to recovery, and I thought how can we prevent this on the front end?”

Listen to learn more.

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