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Miller Area Foundation: Helping Generations Thrive

The Miller Area Foundation (MAF) is one of 84 community savings accounts housed at the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF). The individuals involved with the MAF are passionate about facilitating the opportunity for economic development, human services, educational, cultural, and environmental enhancement for generations to come. Simply put, the organization is working to see Miller, SD thrive for generations to come.

For this special two-part conversation, Jamie Farmen, Community Development Coordinator & Marketing Manager for the SDCF joined Dawn Joy, current MAF Advisory Council Chairperson, as well as Tiffany Hofer, MAF Advisor Council member. She also sat down with Jim and Nini Hart, who helped to establish the MAF in 1994.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The history and success of the MAF from Dawn Joy and Tiffany Hofer
  • Why community support is vital in rural communities of South Dakota
  • The story of Jim and Nini Hart, and why they are passionate about supporting Miller SD

“It’s a great accomplishment for a small community–not only as donors, but as doers and door openers,” shared Nini Hart.

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Listen to the episode here.

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