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Honoring Community with the Gene Abdallah Scholarship Fund

In his lifetime, Gene Abdallah (1936-2019) dedicated himself through and through to community service. For nearly 50 years, Gene served the public in multiple branches of government and nearly all branches of law enforcement, from the federal level to a state and local level. Today, Gene’s dedication to giving back and honoring his community continues on even after his passing.

In 2019, The Gene Abdallah Scholarship Fund was established through the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) to provide financial support to students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Jeff Veltkamp, SDCF Director of Development, sat down with Scott to talk about his passion for supporting law enforcement and his establishment of the Gene Abdallah Scholarship Fund in honor of his father.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Gene Abdallah’s story and impact
  • How the Gene Abdallah Scholarship Fund is creating a bright and safe future in SD
  • The impact the Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner continues to have in its 42nd year.

“This event is a reflection of how much our community loves law enforcement, and it makes me proud to live in this state,” shared Scott.

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Listen to the episode here.

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