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South Dakota Community Foundation Helping Nonprofits Help Others

The South Dakota Community Foundation offers an array of grants to help state nonprofits realize their dreams and continue investing in their communities. Nonprofits may use this page to apply for grants, get information on starting an agency endowment fund for their organization, or ask us questions!

Your nonprofit organization is vitally important to South Dakota individuals and families. Just as you look out for them, we look out for you. We offer a variety of grants to support the work of nonprofits across the state.

SDCF Grant Opportunities:

  • South Dakota Fund Grants: The South Dakota Fund is our unrestricted fund that makes grants in support of culture, economic development, education, financial literacy, health and human services. If your organization supports any of these focus areas, a South Dakota Fund grant might be a great place to start.
  • Community Innovation Grants: Offered in partnership with the Bush Foundation, these process grants focus on specifically supporting community problem-solving projects. If that’s of interest to your organization, this could be a great option for you.
  • Nonprofit Savings Accounts: The SDCF wants to help spark sustainability for South Dakota nonprofits by partnering with organizations and their donors to build endowment funds. Nonprofit organizations will have the opportunity to receive SDCF challenge grants each year. The funds raised and the SDCF match will be invested to provide annual support to selected nonprofits forever.
  • Local CSA Grants: The SDCF partners with local communities to provide them with a community savings account (CSA). A CSA allows a community to invest and grow its endowment with the help of the SDCF, while the local board raises money and selects grant recipients in the community.

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South Dakota Fund Grants

SDCF's Unrestricted Grantmaking Program

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Community Innovation Grants

SDCF's partnership with the Bush Foundation

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Nonprofit Savings Account Challenge Grants

Creating a legacy for nonprofits in our state.

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Local Grants

If a community has a Community Savings Account (CSA) with the SDCF, nonprofits can apply for funding directly from the local CSA advisory council.

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