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Legacy Society

Recognizing those who have made a legacy for South Dakota.

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Creating a lasting impact for South Dakota SDCF Legacy Society

The South Dakota Community Foundation’s Legacy Society honors and recognizes those who have made planned gifts to the SDCF. It’s our way of thanking our donors now for their efforts to make South Dakota a better place in the future.

One of the greatest joys in my life has been meeting generosity in the faces of South Dakotans near and far who believe that together we can transform our state…for good.

Stephanie Judson, President and CEO
The Bowar Family, Parkston, SD

No one knows a community better than those who call it HOME. Hometown Heroes

Since 1987, the South Dakota Community Foundation has had the privilege to work with generous people wanting to give their neighbors a better place to call HOME. Our Hometown Heroes are a special group of people with a passion for helping communities grow and thrive. They have played a vital role in strengthening the SDCF and the entire state of South Dakota by inspiring others to help improve the lives of others.

Sharlene Hoffman Anderson Aberdeen
C. Douglas & Marlas Balvin Huron
First National Bank Pierre
Bankwest Pierre
Miles & Lisa Beacom
Beth and Jim Benning Spearfish
Black Hills Corporation Rapid City
Patrick* & Catherine Bowar Parkston
Bruce & LeeAnn Brandner Herreid
Mark & Christine Buche Mitchell
Doug & Linda Buri Milbank
Paul and Muffy* Christen Huron
Lawrence* & Virginia Coss Miller
Dacotah Bank Aberdeen
Earl Davis Rapid City
John B. Davis Sioux Falls
Robert and Emily Entwisle Huron
Jeff and Linda Erickson Sioux Falls
Frank Farrar* Britton
Donald & Susanne Feist Rapid City
Leroy & Charlene Foster Pierre
Rod and Glenna* Fouberg Aberdeen
Randall F. Franssens Platte
Michael A. & Mary E. Fuchs Huron
Gary and Connie Grittner Pierre/Fort Pierre
Barry and Marilyn Grossenburg Winner
Wayne Gustafson
V. Wayne & Gwynn Hansen Philip
Duane and Barbara Harms Brookings
Jim & Jane Harrenga Estelline
Jim and Nini Hart Miller
Charles and Kathryn Hart Rapid City
Marcia and Blake Hoffman Sioux Falls
Boyd and Dody Hopkins Artesian/Letcher/Mt. Vernon
Marilyn Hoyt Huron
Scott and Julia Jones Pierre/Fort Pierre
Richard Joy Miller
Elmer Karl Gregory
Dan and Arlene Kirby Sioux Falls
Jerry & Karen Kroetch Philip
Maree Larson Brookings
Margaret Lehr Huron
Deanna Lien Rapid City
Jim & Vicki Lust Aberdeen
Gary and Deb McKellips Alcester
Jerry & Sandra Mencke Huron
James Mollison Pierre/Fort Pierre
Donald Naddy* Britton
DeMaris Nesheim Philip
Ronald & Linda Olinger Pierre/ Fort Pierre
Tom and Michele Olsen Wessington Springs
Sherman and Kimiko Petersen Irene
John and Penny Porter Sioux Falls
John and Jane Rasmussen Sisseton
Hugh Schilling* Britton
Terry and Nancy Schiltz Huron
Nathan & Julie Schwandt Rapid City
Norbert and Jane Sebade Wall
Paul* & Ann Sigelman Watertown
Darrell Simmons Parkston
Bertha Turnquist North Brown County
Vic and Ethelyn Uttke Spearfish
Robert & Frances Wheeler* Lemmon
Curt & Susan Wischmeier Aberdeen
Gerald & Anita Wisner Parkston
John Zilverberg* Highmore

Honoring two South Dakota families Christen-Larson Heritage Circle

Paul and Muffy Christen

The Christen-Larson Heritage Circle honors two very important families in the evolution and continued growth of the South Dakota Community Foundation. Paul and the late Muffy Christen championed growth and sustainability in the communities in which they owned and operated banks.

Dale and Pat Larson

Dale Larson and his late wife, Pat have quietly supported some of South Dakota’s greatest philanthropic endeavors for decades. Both couples have instilled the spirit of generosity in their daughters to continue to support charitable organizations and programs that help meet basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education.

Loren J. Ammann* Ammann
Avera Health Avera
Dr. Reuben & Marlowe* Bareis Bareis
Dennis & Linda Batteen Batteen
Miles & Lisa Beacom Beacom
Boys & Girls Club of Brookings Boys
Paul & Muffy* Christen Christen
Coeur Wharf Resources Coeur
Lawrence* & Virginia Coss Coss
Jeff & Linda Erickson Erickson
Donald & Suzanne Feist Feist
Paul & Mayme Green Foundation Green
Gary & Connie Grittner Grittner
Marilyn Hoyt Hoyt
Scott & Julia Jones Jones
Mansour Karim* Karim
Ralph* & Helen Kranz Kranz
Dale & Patricia* Larson Larson
Bruce* & Deanna Lien Lien
John* & Linda Lillibridge Lillibridge
Tom* & Dr. Cynthia Lillibridge Lillibridge
Gary & Deb McKellips McKellips
Harvey E. & Mary Lou Mills* Mills
Donald Naddy* Naddy
DeMaris Nesheim Nesheim
Nordby Family Nordby
Rebecca Christen Pohlad Pohlad
Kathryn Christen Mitchell Ramstad Ramstad
Charles & Lois Ann Rose Rose
T. Denny Sanford Sanford
Sanford Health Sanford
Hugh Schilling* Schilling
SD Hall of Fame SD Hall of Fame
Ed & Peg Seljeskog Seljeskog
Robert Smetana Living Trust Smetana
Dimitrios Smyrnios Smyrnios
Bob & Lori Sutton Sutton
Torness Family Torness
WINGS Foundation WINGS
Gerald & Anita Wisner* Wisner
John Zilverberg* Zilverberg

Professional advisors playing a key role in philanthropy Key Club

Professional advisors play a key role in the special stories that make up the South Dakota Community Foundation. These advisors have earned the trust of donors writing their stories to be told today and many years from now. These SDCF Key Club advisors continue to inspire their clients to explore ways to improve the lives of their neighbors in our state.

Scott Abdallah
Evan Anema
Doug Austin
Laurie Bauer
Mike Braley
Jennifer Bunkers
Ken Cotton
Justin DiBona
Jane Farrell
Gary Fenenga
Rodney Freeman, Jr.
Robert Frieberg
Dana Frohling
Mandy Gaikowski
G. Todd Garry
Jay Gelhaus
Lon Gelhaus
Pat Goetzinger
Steve Gohn
Brad Grossenburg
Jonathan Guenthner
Jack Gunvordahl
Jim Haar
Steve Hein
Rich Hinseth
Curt Jensen
Don Kainz
McLean Thompson Kerver
Andrew Knutson
Sarah Richardson Larson
Chad Locken
Aron Martz
Jonathan McCoy
Mike McGill
Ross Menke
Barb Miller
Karen Miller
John Mitchell
Trudy Morgan
Bob Morris
Kim Mortenson
Will Mortenson
Stanley Nase
Gordon Nielsen
Eric Nies
Lester Nies
Heath Oberloh
Scott Odenbach
Michael Ortner
Jeff Partridge
Shane Penfield
Don E. Peterson
Scott Peterson
Steve Pietila
Richard Pluimer
Mike Porter
John Raforth
Greg Rediger
Carlyle Richards
Chuck Riter
Rob Ronayne
Tona Rozum
Tom Sannes
Steven Schaeffer
Marli Schippers
John Schwan
Craig Smith
Kurt Solay
Emily Sovell
Darwin Sprik
Dale Strasser
Herb Sundall
Jack Theeler
Bobbi Thury
Jay Tolsma
Jayna Voss
James Walti
Gary Ward
Jerry Wattier
Lois Wiarda
Todd Wilkinson
Ron Volesky

What will your legacy be?

The South Dakota Community Foundation’s Legacy Society honors and recognizes those who have made planned gifts to the SDCF. It’s our way of thanking our donors now for their efforts to make South Dakota a better place in the future.

Being a SDCF Legacy Society member connects you with other like-minded donors who are interested in improving South Dakota. We hold events throughout the state each year to build relationships, celebrate philanthropy, and thank you for your support of South Dakota nonprofits and the SDCF.

Planned gifts can take many different shapes. The SDCF can help you:

  • Include a donation in your will or trust
  • Designate a donation through a life insurance policy, IRA or retirement plan
  • Select family members and advisors to stay involved with gifts and grants

As always, giving through the SDCF also reduces the work you have to do to set up and maintain a fund. It may also help the funds more easily transfer from a person's estate to the charity after their death. Taking steps to make a planned gift now also has tax advantages.

Legacy Society Statement of Intent

Create your legacy Get Started

If you're considering a planned gift or if you’d just like to talk about what’s possible, contact us online or give us a call at 800.888.1842.

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