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A Caregiving Legacy: Quint Family Scholarship

May 27, 2024 // Donors, Estate Planning, Scholarships
Alverna and her sisters
The Quint sisters were all career nurses. This photo was taken in 1965. Left to right: Carol, Alverna, Julia and Dolores.

The Quint Family Scholarship symbolizes a lifelong commitment to caregiving, dedication to giving back and the legacy of four sisters, all of whom dedicated their lives to nursing. This scholarship shares the story of Alverna, who devoted most of her nursing career to tending to America’s veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Hot Springs. By creating this scholarship, she hopes to encourage the next generation to embark on a meaningful journey to serve in the healthcare industry.

SDCF asked Alverna a few questions regarding her SDCF scholarship fund.

Why was the establishment of this scholarship important to you?

Raised in a Kansas farming family as one of nine siblings, I felt a deep desire to create a meaningful memorial for my parents and siblings. The pride I had for our hardworking parents, especially their dedication to sending all four daughters to nursing school, was my inspiration.

About a month prior to my husband’s passing, he acquired10 savings bonds, each value at $1,000, and securely placed them in a safe deposit box. Initially, I questioned our financial capacity for such an investment. The notion of these bonds slipped my mind for a while, as I understood that they needed time to mature before I could redeem them. When I eventually retrieved the bonds, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had accrued a substantial amount of interest. Those savings bonds were the initial investment for the scholarship fund. Because of my successful and lengthy career with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the benefits provided, the savings bonds were not something I needed for myself.

Alverna Quint Kopsky
Alverna Quint Kopsky, a longitme resident of Hot Springs, South Dakota, established the Quint Scholarship to memorialize and honor her hardworking parents and three sisters.

Was there anyone who played a part in establishing the scholarship?
During a discussion with my financial advisor, Barb Miller, I expressed my interest in establishing a scholarship fund. In response, she recommended connecting with Connie Benson, who had previously served as the Power of Attorney for an acquaintance of mine in Hot Springs. This couple had successfully established a scholarship fund, and Connie played a crucial role in ensuring its annual distribution. Intrigued by their story, I returned to Barb and conveyed my desire to pursue a similar initiative. Subsequently, Barb directed me to SDCF and introduced me to Beth Massa, SDCF Director of Foundation Relations, who would assist me in the process.

What would you say to others who are considering a scholarship fund at SDCF?
The entire process turned out to be straightforward. Initially anticipating a trip to Rapid City to handle the necessary details, I was pleasantly surprised with SDCF staff coming to my home instead. Their commitment to facilitating the process made it very convenient for me. I think it’s important for individuals to examine our workforce and contribute to addressing the shortages we are facing. Nursing was a fulfilling profession for me and my sisters, and we dedicated many years to it. I find great joy in the fact there’s a way for me to create opportunities for students to find a rewarding life helping others.

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