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Empowering Dreams: Franklin Krause New Horizons Scholarship

May 20, 2024 // Donors, Scholarships
Franklin on a tractor
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Franklin Krause

Franklin Krause attended his first eight grades of school in a one-room schoolhouse near Claire City, South Dakota, and went on to graduate from Sisseton High School in 1961. He joined the National Guard after high school to serve his country.

Eventually, he completed the Diesel Tech program at North Dakota State School of Science (now North Dakota State College of Science), all while farming and ranching on the family farm. Winters were spent working at various mechanic shops to keep up with the modern technology in agricultural machines. After 59 years of farming, ranching and fixing the machines that run the world, he called it a career and retired to the Black Hills. In 2018, he established the Franklin Krause New Horizons Scholarship Fund at SDCF.

During a recent interview, Franklin shared more about his scholarship fund.

Why was the establishment of this scholarship important?

I decided to work on the farm and take care of my parents instead of starting a family, so I never had children. The staff at SDCF recommended I start the scholarship fund while I was alive to see the fruits of my labor helping the next generation. I believe this was some of the best advice I received during this process.

Why did you select the nontraditional student demographic to receive your scholarship awards?

After doing some research, I found there were very few scholarships available for those students deciding to further their careers after being in the workforce for a while or to learn skilled trades available at the technical colleges. I was passionate about helping the next generation that choose a similar life path. It was also important to support individuals who live in the towns and counties of the state that supported me throughout my life.

Was there anyone who played a part in the establishment of this scholarship?

I attended an SDCF estate planning seminar at the American Legion in Hermosa, where Beth Massa and Pat Goetzinger shared estate planning options. They emphasized the importance of charitable giving to meaningful causes. Despite previous struggles in establishing a private foundation and scholarship fund, SDCF proved to be the perfect platform for realizing my vision. The seamless integration of my estate plan with SDCF’s infrastructure made the process smooth and efficient.

What is your advice to others considering a scholarship fund at the South Dakota Community Foundation?

Please do it now. Don’t wait. This way, you can experience the joy of providing a future or new horizon to the next generation. Reading the essays of this next generation in the scholarship applications and hearing how they are progressing with their careers and school is a blessing I can’t describe. And SDCF made it all possible and easy.

SDCF takes immense pride in collaborating with individuals and families as they create lasting legacies through scholarship funds. SDCF is privileged to share the stories of individuals who hold a profound commitment to their community, state and professions. Thanks to their generosity, over 300 scholarship funds have been established at SDCF, providing countless South Dakotans with the means to realize their dreams for higher education.

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