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$11,801 awarded to Dakota Wesleyan University

January 17, 2024 // Grants, South Dakota Fund Grants

South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) recently awarded a $11,801 South Dakota Fund grant to the Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU). Funding will be used to film a documentary and allow the University to provide a more comprehensive view of public art in the state.

“The goals of “POWER OF POSSIBILITY: A Documentary on Public Art in South Dakota” are to make citizens aware of the rich and vast array of public art in our state and facilitate discussion about its impact in the smaller communities in South Dakota. By investing in the arts and humanities, we at Dakota Wesleyan University not only want to enrich higher education, but also help to cultivate a community that values human expression. Through initiatives like the Power of Possibility documentary, our support encourages and amplifies the impact of public art and how it contributes to the cultural landscape of our entire state,” says Anna Marie Thatcher, Managing Producer, Periaktos Productions.

Photo left to right: Kitty Allen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, DWU and Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer.

DWU has grown in physical size and in enrollment to today's nearly 950 students who study in three colleges pursuing associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees. The University recently commissioned the creation of a clear resin sculpture for their new School of Business, Innovation and Leadership, and are also creating a documentary film to go alongside the creation and installation of the sculpture on their campus. After completion, the hope is to have SDPB show the film and add it to their rotating programming. The film will make citizens aware of the vast array of public art in South Dakota and facilitate discussion about the impact of public art on South Dakota communities and its contribution to the cultural landscape of the state.

“Public art adds meaning to our cities and the uniqueness of our State,” says Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer. “We are happy to partner with DWU on its endeavor in elevating cultural history and learning by documenting South Dakota’s public art story.”

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