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Wessington Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in the Wessington, SD community.

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Founded in 2017 Giving Back to the Wessington community

The Wessington Community Foundation is focused on improving the community of Wessington by providing grant funds to quality of life related projects.

Our Contributors

We only exist thanks to the generosity of our faithful contributors and investors.

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Ted Haeder
  • Jim Babcock
  • Robert McGillvrey
  • Steve Gohn
  • Carol Rowen
  • Jeff Reinhardt
  • Gordon Davis
  • Diana Runge
  • James Cutshaw
  • Melva Beals
  • Karen Clarke

Support the Wessington CSA Help Wessington thrive for generations to come.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.