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Warner Area Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community.

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Founded in 2023 Giving Back to the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community

Welcome to the Warner Area Community Foundation website. Even though we are an agent of the South Dakota Community Foundation, we are able to accept and administer charitable gifts, give good grants to our local nonprofit groups and organizations, and also give scholarships to hopeful young people from our region. Our volunteer board members work hard to ensure funds are going to groups and organizations that need it most.

Money Raised Here, Stays Here

A Community Savings Account (CSA) offers you an opportunity to give a perpetual gift to the local community. The fund is invested by the SDCF and 4.5% of the average value is available to give back to nonprofits each year. As the fund grows, so does our ability to make a local impact. Our board of directors gives grants to support basic needs and enhance the quality of life within and around the area.

Giving Back to Our Area

Sometimes donors have questions about how to give back to their community. If you would like to give back to the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community, but are not sure where to begin, contact the SDCF.

Donate here.

Gifts may come in many forms:

  • Cash
  • Check (Make payable to Warner Area Community Foundation)
  • Commodity (Grain, corn, cattle)
  • Land (Offset capital gains tax)
  • Automatic Bank Transfers
  • Cars, Coins, Collectables
  • Gift of Stock
  • Gift of Insurance Benefits
  • Gift of Retirement Benefits
  • Remember your hometown in your estate

Our Contributors

We only exist thanks to the generosity of our faithful contributors and investors.

Keith & Shannon Knuppe

James & Deb Wood

Aaron & Nina Vilhauer

Brittany Schley

Kevin Nelson in memory of Leon Tobin

Richard & Michele Mikkelsen

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Bryce & Lona Krueger

Bryce & Amanda Neiger

Steger Lawn Care LLC- Jared Steger

Lance & Lyndsey Vilhauer

Landon & Cassie Reuer

Doug & Lori Leidholt

Christopher & Erin Vosika

Supporters of Warner Youth Tackle Football

Zac & Marissa Hook

Derek & Lindsy Baum

Corey & Leah Haaland

Levi & Valerie Jensen

Jeff & Jessica Evenson

Marne Neiger

Lyndell LLC – Keith & Shannon Knuppe

Tom Fischbach

Eide Bailly, LLP

Larry & Sharon Stroschein

Supporters of Warner Area Community Foundation

Stroschein Farm

Ryan & Logan Heilman

Lee & Bobbie Bierman

Ryckman Insurance Group- Jordan & Allie Ryckman

Wade & Jody Young

Ray & Shirley Knuppe

Kurt Hoeft

Johnson Inspection Services LLC- Roby Johnson

Corey & Leah Haaland

Dacotah Bank-Aberdeen – Missy Fipps

Bonnie Jark

Gaylon and Nichol Townsend

Melissa Gorecki & Jeremiah Maxfield

Monarch Steakhouse Inc – Ann Evangelisto

James Roth

Paula Hier

Charlean Fuhrman Croxton

Randy & Karen Kienow

Lewis Borge

Dwayne & Claudette Rehfeld

Shirley Morgan

James & Helen Jeanne Fischbach

Keith & Julie Kayser

Daryl & Anita Jung

Brady & Mandy Carda

Haselhorst Inc – Troy & Amy Haselhorst

John & Amy Wanous

Michael and Kari Bunke

Charles Seaman Family

Michelle Leach

Barb Breidenbach

Larry Robinson


Ellen Welke

Dale Browning

George Hansen, Jr.

Barry & Tricia Marcuson

Loren & Julie Rozell

Larry Littrell

Grant & Lori Seaman

Dan & Irene Roberts

Fred & Kathy Marnette


Darin Wiedebush

Randy & Carol Wiedebush

Jon & Paula Damaska

Kevin & Aimee Anderson

Glen & Pamela Armstrong

Kevin & Becky Roth

MMR Constructors Inc


Stratford-Warner Lions Club

Mark & Pamela Lane


Marlin & Rhonda Nilsson

Carey & Sonya Nilsson

William & Megan Rozell

James & Jakki Holm

Dylan & Megan Binger

Raymond Meserve

Spencer & Ashley Kienow

Jason Jung

Casey & Kayla Nilsson

Braun Joint Venture – John Braun, Jackie Braun, Staci Tuszka, Mark Tuszka, Lori Stouten, Paula Braun

South Dakota Community Foundation

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Leah Haaland
  • Ryan Heilman
  • Jason Jung
  • Keith Knuppe
  • Lona Krueger
  • Staci Kay
  • Will Rozell
  • Grant Seaman
  • Darin Wiedebush
  • Dan Wood
L to R: SDCF Community Development Coordinator Patrick Gallagher, Leah Haaland, Lona Krueger, Staci Kay, Will Rozell, Ryan Heilman, Keith Knuppe, Dan Wood, Jason Jung, Grant Seaman, Darin Wiedebush

Support the Warner Area CSA Help the Warner area thrive for generations to come.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.