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Warner Area Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community.

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Founded in 2023 Giving Back to the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community

Welcome to the Warner Area Community Foundation website. Even though we are an agent of the South Dakota Community Foundation, we are able to accept and administer charitable gifts, give good grants to our local nonprofit groups and organizations, and also give scholarships to hopeful young people from our region. Our volunteer board members work hard to ensure funds are going to groups and organizations that need it most.

Money Raised Here, Stays Here

A Community Savings Account (CSA) offers you an opportunity to give a perpetual gift to the local community. The fund is invested by the SDCF and 4.5% of the average value is available to give back to nonprofits each year. As the fund grows, so does our ability to make a local impact. Our board of directors gives grants to support basic needs and enhance the quality of life within and around the area.

Giving Back to Our Area

Sometimes donors have questions about how to give back to their community. If you would like to give back to the Warner, Stratford, Mansfield, SD community, but are not sure where to begin, contact the SDCF.

Donate here.

Gifts may come in many forms:

  • Cash
  • Check (Make payable to Warner Area Community Foundation)
  • Commodity (Grain, corn, cattle)
  • Land (Offset capital gains tax)
  • Automatic Bank Transfers
  • Cars, Coins, Collectables
  • Gift of Stock
  • Gift of Insurance Benefits
  • Gift of Retirement Benefits
  • Remember your hometown in your estate

Our Contributors

We only exist thanks to the generosity of our faithful contributors and investors.

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Leah Haaland
  • Ryan Heilman
  • Jason Jung
  • Keith Knuppe
  • Lona Krueger
  • Staci Kay
  • Will Rozell
  • Grant Seaman
  • Darin Wiedebush
  • Dan Wood
L to R: SDCF Community Development Coordinator Patrick Gallagher, Leah Haaland, Lona Krueger, Staci Kay, Will Rozell, Ryan Heilman, Keith Knuppe, Dan Wood, Jason Jung, Grant Seaman, Darin Wiedebush

Support the Warner Area CSA Help the Warner area thrive for generations to come.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.