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Tyndall Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in Tyndall, SD.

Founded in 2009 Giving Back to Tyndall

Mission Statement

The sole purpose of the Tyndall Community Foundation is to support the general welfare of the Tyndall community.

History of the Tyndall Community Foundation

The Tyndall Community Foundation was formed in 2009 when a group of local leaders accepted a challenge from South Dakota Community Foundation to raise $100,000. In return, they would receive $25,000 toward a perpetual endowment fund for their community. With the help of a volunteer advisory council and the generosity of local residents, the Tyndall Community Foundation met the challenge. Today, the board has given back nearly $70,000 in grants to the community and continues to help the fund grow.


Grant Application

To date, the Tyndall Community Foundation has given back nearly $70,000 in grants to nonprofit groups and organizations in Tyndall. Thank you for working hard for our community. To request funding, please complete the application below.

Tyndall Community Foundation Grant Application

Learn what projects our CSA has funded.


You do not need to be wealthy to be a philanthropist. As the Tyndall Community Foundation grows, so will its impact on community projects and programs. Thank you for your support!

Make a gift to the Tyndall Community Foundation, or donate online.

You can give back in many ways. Some gift ideas include:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Commodity (Grain, corn, cattle)
  • Land (Offset capital gains tax)
  • Automatic Bank Transfers
  • Cars, Coins, Collectables
  • Gift of Stock
  • Gift of Insurance Benefits
  • Gift of Retirement Benefits
  • Remember Tyndall in your estate

Important facts to know when gifting crops:

1) Gift should happen after crop is harvested – not before
2) Gift should be transferred through a deed of gift of tangible personal property- See Bill of Sale Form
3) Since crops are tangible personal property and the charitable deduction would be limited to the basis, there is no charitable deduction for the gift, but the farmer avoids the RECOGNITION OF INCOME
4) The crop should be titled and sold in the South Dakota Community Foundation’s name. The gift amount is sent directly to South Dakota Community Foundation-referencing the Tyndall Community Foundation as benefiting.
For any tax or legal questions: Stephanie Judson (CFP) 1-800-888-1842 or 605-224-5364 ( fax)

Crop gifting Bill of Sale

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Janet Wagner (605-464-0271)
  • President, James Torsney (605-464-1424)
  • Ron Wagner (605-464-1085)
  • Lisa Rothschadl (605-464-1711)
  • Dave Sutera (605-589-3429)
  • Calvin Bucholz (605-589-9909)
  • Peg Winckler (605-589-3826)

Support the Tyndall CSA Help Tyndall thrive for generations to come.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 454
Tyndall, SD 57066

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.