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Founded in 2002 Giving Back to Sisseton

The Sisseton Area Community Foundation was created in 2002 to provide financial support to charitable and nonprofit purposes in the Sisseton area. The board accepted a challenge to raise $75,000. Thanks to generous support and a dedicated board of directors, the challenge was met, and the Sisseton Area Foundation received a $25,000 grant from the SDCF.

Ongoing donations since 2002 have been placed in an endowed fund with the South Dakota Community Foundation and have helped grow the SACF. Interest from these endowed funds have allowed SACF to give numerous grants to nonprofit groups and organizations in the Sisseton area, and will continue to benefit the community for generations to come. The larger this endowed fund grows, the more the Sisseton Area Community Foundation will be able to give back to the community for projects.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Commodity (Grain, corn, cattle)
  • Land (Offset capital gains tax)
  • Automatic Bank Transfers
  • Cars, Coins, Collectables
  • Gift of Stock
  • Gift of Insurance Benefits
  • Gift of Retirement Benefits
  • Remember Sisseton in your estate
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Grants from the Sisseton Area Community Foundation support non-profit organizations and groups that are addressing community needs in the Sisseton area. These grants are selected by a volunteer Advisory Board. For more information about grant opportunities from the Sisseton Area Community Foundation, please contact an Advisory Council member or email us at

Sisseton Area Community Foundation Grant Application

SACF Board

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Dennis Jensen, President
  • Sandi Jaspers, Vice-President
  • Yvonne Hippen, Secretary
  • Jane Schneider, Treasurer
  • Kevin Deutsch
  • Robert Hull
  • Gordon Nielsen

Support the Sisseton CSA Help Sisseton thrive for generations to come.

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P.O. Box 4
Sisseton, SD 57262


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