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Founded in 2003 Giving Back to Mellette County

Across South Dakota, people are enhancing their communities through generous donation to Community Savings Accounts. Children are learning new skills; business districts are growing with new opportunities; and non-profit and charitable organizations are benefiting from funding provided by their Community Savings Account.

Community Savings Accounts are permanently endowed component funds of the South Dakota Community Foundation, a public non-profit organization established in 1987 to provide funds to non-profit and charitable organizations across the state of South Dakota. The earnings from the fund are awarded by the Mellette County Community Foundation Board of Directors to non-profit and charities right here in Mellette County.

Mellette County:
Meeting the Challenges of the Future

The Community Savings Account concept is about giving something back to your community. Many Community Savings Accounts start as a challenge to the community at large. A foundation, bank or corporation or individual may issue a challenge to a community to raise money to start a Community savings account. The challenge may provide for a two-to-one or even a dollar-for-dollar match of contributions the public makes up to a certain amount. The value of your donation is increased through the matching gift.

How the savings Account Works

The Mellette County Savings Account is held as an advised fund with the South Dakota Community Foundation.

The South Dakota Foundation allows each fund to distribute 4.5 percent of the fund’s average fair market value each year.


The Mellette County CF has given back more than $55,403 to county nonprofits since inception.

South Central Resource Conservation And Development
White River Lions Club
Wood Volunteer Fire Department
Horizon Health Care
Michael Glynn Memorial Coalition
Norris Fire Department
Norris Fire Department
United Methodist Church
Norris Fire Department
Norris Fire Department
White River Lions Club
American Legion Sn94 Otterman
Wood Volunteer Fire Department
Wood Community Ladies
Wood Alumni
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
American Legion Sn94 Otterman
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
Mellette County Historical Society
American Legion Sn94 Otterman
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
American Legion Sn94 Otterman
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
Mellette County Centennial Committee
Concerned Citizens for the Beautification of Wood
South Central RC & D
White River Elementary Playground Committee
Wood Volunteer Fire Department
Mellette County Historical Society
Michael Glynn Memorial Fund
Mellette County Historical Society

Our Contributors

Contributions made to the community saving account are held in perpetuity and earnings are awarded each year by the Mellette County Foundation Board. You can be assured your gift will have an impact on your community. You may give a gift in honor of a special event or in memory of a special loved one. For more information contact a member of your local community foundation board. To make a donation, simply detach the pledge card and return to the appropriate address.

South Dakota Community Foundation
Brian O'Reilly
First Fidelity Bank-Murdo
Jamie & Christina Engelhaupt
Doug & Katie Bates
First Fidelity Bank-Murdo
Janel Intorn
Richard & Noreen Krogman
Daniel & Wendy Conrad
Barry & Kathryn Jensen
First Fidelity Bank-Murdo
Mellette County Community Foundation
Glen Marshall
Theresa Benda
Janice Ellis
David & Nancy Keller
First Fidelity Bank-Winner
Richard & Noreen Krogman
Red & Lori Sparks
Gregory & Cynthia Nollette
Raymond & Charlene Lolley
George & Suzanne England
American Legion Post 94 Rodeo Grounds
Edward & Judit Adrian
Donald Dean & Joan Adrian
Blake & Amy Lehman
Kenneth "Kenny" Adrian Memorial
Tim & Karla Pazour
First Fidelity Bank-Murdo
Robert & Lori Harmon
Tony & Jamie Farmen


William Adrian Family
Bill Adrian Trucking
Bill & Donna Adrian & family
Bill Adrian Trucking
Bill Adrian
Chuck & Bobbi Adrian
Robert & Patricia Adrian
William Adrian
William & Donna Adrian
American Legion Auxiliary
Animal Clinic Ltd


Bob & Carla Bak
Theresa & Anthony Benda
Theresa, Tony & Carole Benda
Anthony & Theresa Benda
Mary Anna Blankenship
Ronald & Donna Bouman
Hollis Bruning


Cherry-Todd Electric Coop Inc.
Jeff & Carol Collins
Lois Comp
Country Pride Cooperative


Family of Frank Day
Rose Mary Deiss
Larry & Donita Denke
Robert & Loraine Derry
Florence Dimond
Ronald Dimond
Mr & Mrs Claus Dykman


E - Z Grip, Inc.
Eagle Sales Company
Marian Edwards
Fred R Egleston
Mary Egleston
SFC Jeffrey S Ellis
Ernest Endes
Thomas & Jan Endes
Jamie & Christina Engelhaupt
Virginia Ensminger
Reuben & Marguerite Erickson


First Fidelity Bank-Murdo
First Fidelity Bank- Winner
First Fidelity Bank-Winner
Bill & Bonnie Fischer
Bob & Mary Fronek
Michael & Kellen, Eileen Fuerst
Buche Foods


Roger & Joyce Glynn
Golden West Communications, Inc.
Kernit Grimshaw
Larry Gunner


Albert & Beverly Harper
Larry Harrison memorial
Larry Harrison
Linda & James Hedlund
Virginia Hepworth
Kathy Hill
Dale Hollinger
Margie & Gene Homan
Devota Hutchinson & Rhonda Week
Billy & Christine Hutchinson
Darlene Hutchinson
Devota Hutchinson
Larry & Darlene Hutchinson


The Insurance Center


J Scull Construction
J. Noteboom & Associates Inc.
Dale & Diane Jans
Clarice & Christiansen, Sheila Jansen
Jeaneen Jaros
Jensen Cattle Corporation
Barry & Kathryn Jensen
Kathryn Jensen
Judson Family


Joe Kary
Darlene Kelley
John & Nellie Kent
Robert & Marilyn Kent
Ernie & Colette Kessler
Colette Kessler
Melvern & Linda Kessler
Barb Ketel
Kenneth & Juanita Kingsbury
Stanley & Debbie Knispel
Nicole Konotopka
John & Verna Koskan
Ben & Wanda Krogman
Casey & Ida Krogman
Clarence Krogman
Clifford & Elaine Krogman
Dan & Phoebe Krogman
Harold Sr & Bessie Krogman
Mary Krogman
Noreen Krogman
Richard & Noreen Krogman
Steve & Leigh Krogman


Dennis & Sena Lauritsen
George Family Leibel
Jan Leibel
Donald & Louise Loban
Cora Lookabill
Julie & George Ludvik


Glenda and Jerry Manke
Marty's Repair
Matousek Family
William J. Matousek
Tom Matthews
Anna Jean McKee
Mellette County Cattlewomen
Mellette County Chamber of Commerce
Mellette County Community Foundation
Mellette County Crop Improvement Asso.
Mellette County Diamondbacks 4-H Club
Mellette County Historical Society
Mellette County Livestock Improvement
Edward & Dolores Mickel
Clara Mueller


James & Kristi Newbold
No Name
Norris Extension Club


William & Ruby Oakley
John O'Bryan
Russell & Wanda Olson
Otterman Post No. 94 American Legion
Albert & Betty Oyler
Lemul & Marilyn Oyler
Mrs. Joe L Oyler
Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Oyler


Jay & Darlene Pearsall
Frank Perry
Edward Petranek
Lenny Petrik
Elmer & Shirley Pigg
Charlotte & Harold Piper
Frances L. Plooster
R & C Partnership


Odeen & Jan Rasmussen
Reliable Computing Systems Inc.
Bernard & Janice Ring
Michael Ring
Ringthunder Extension Club
Paul & Brenda Rode
Donna Ryberg
Bob & Babe Ryno


Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Alan & Sheba Schlaikjers & Family
Ted & Jean Schmidt
Helen and Jerry Schwarting
Howard Sherwood
William & So Chae Sinclair
South Central R C & D Trust & Agency
Red Sparks
Marvin Starkjohann
Statewide Ag Insurance Inc.
Jan Steinle
Strain Ranch
Herman & Donna Stromer
A Partnership Sun Prairie
Bob & Lori Sutton


Lucile & John Taylor
Elizabeth Tesar
Tucker Electric Inc.
Alvine & Nadine Tucker
Lance & Tracy Tucker
Nadine Tucker
Nadine & Family Tucker
Brenda Tyrrell


Mr. & Mrs. & Troi Valburg
Cheryl Vig
Ron Vincent


Maryetta Wacek
Wells Fargo Bank-White River
Wells Fargo Foundation
Westwood Ranch
White River High School Alumni
White River Lions Club
Wig Wam Inc. #504
Marvin & Doreen & the Williams Williams
Mack & Karen Wyly

Meet Our Advisory Council

    • Chairman - Cliff Krogman
    • Secretary - Tammy Osterbur
    • Treasurer - Margie Homan
    • Board members:
    • Jerry Krogman
    • Theresa Christiansen
    • Bruce Ring
    • Dan Krogman
    • Sena Lauritsen
    • Vickie Sherwood

Support the Mellette Co. CSA Help Mellette County thrive for generations to come.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 242
White River, SD 57579

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.