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Highmore Area Foundation

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Founded in 2018 Growing a Legacy

The mission of the Highmore Area Foundation is to provide the Highmore area with financial support for a better tomorrow. We do so by receiving and administering charitable gifts through an endowment administered by the South Dakota Community Foundation. Our focus is to assist qualified non-profit organizations, institutions and agencies in our area to enhance the services and quality of life for those who live here, including recreational and economic development activities. By creating the Foundation, we provide individuals, corporations, and estates with the ability to give back to their community and establish a legacy that will benefit generations to come in the Highmore area. The growth of the endowment will be a priority so that earnings and distributions can grow over time and improve the community in five key areas:

1) Infrastructure support (e.g., fire and ambulance, etc.)

2) Economic development support for both new and future businesses

3) Recreational activities

4) Community and cultural events

5) Education and development activities for youth or adult programs

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Paula Haiwick
  • Tiffany Hofer
  • Mary Knox
  • Danika Busse
  • Kris Rittel

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