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Harding County Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in Harding County, SD.

Founded in 2022 Giving Back to Harding County

The Harding County Community Foundation was established in November 2022 with a $100,000 challenge gift from Jim and Janice Clarkson, former residents of Harding County. The communities in the county will work to raise funds of $100,000, which will then be matched with an additional $50,000 from the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF). The Harding County Community Foundation will be the 82nd Community Savings Account (CSA) managed by the SDCF.

Funds raised will be invested with the South Dakota Community Foundation and a percentage will be made available each year for local projects and programs. The CSA will have its own local advisory council to raise and distribute funds.

Ways to Give

Sometimes donors have questions about how to give back to their community. If you would like to give back to Harding County, but are not sure where to begin, contact the SDCF.

Gifts may come in many forms:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Commodity (grain, corn, cattle)
  • Land (offset capital gains tax)
  • Automatic Bank Transfers
  • Cars, Coins, Collectables
  • Gift of Stock
  • Gift of Insurance Benefits
  • Gift of Retirement Benefits
  • Remember Harding County in your estate

We only exist thanks to the generations of generous contributors and investors like you. Our Contributors

Raydelle & Meria Sperle

Earl & Loretta Davis Family Foundation

Don Hett

Supporters of Harding County

Harding County students

Cody & Karli Holmes

Tex & Ashley Lermeny

Sagebrush Sally Sewing Shop

Kelly & Chereste Messmer

Tyler Hett

Rita Thompson

Troy & Lynette Stugelmery

Trent & Sidney Turbiville

Ann Parfrey

Chase & Angela Kari

Ann Johnson

Jesse J. Bail, Inc.

Wade & Kelly Bail

Ace in the Hole Construction

Turbiville Photography

Sarah & Scott Martian

Doub & Janet Doll

Pioneer Bank & Trust – Buffalo

Gary & Yolanda Martian

Prairie Performance PT & Fitness

Jay & Dana Wammen

Matthew & Tracy Teigen

Bonnie Hart

Ronda Cordell

Linda Davis

K. Yvonne Yoder

James & Mary Blaha

Jace & Kami Jenson

Bryn Brown

Earl & Loretta Davis Family Foundation
William & Andrea Clanton
Jim & Janice Clarkson Family Fund

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • President: Billy Clanton
  • Vice President: Tracy Brown
  • Secretary: Kelli Doll
  • Treasurer: Sam Cordell
  • Sam Olson
  • Jim Erk
  • Sydney Turbiville

Support the Harding County CSA Help Harding County thrive for generations to come.

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Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.

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