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Founded in 1995 Giving Back to Gregory

The Gregory Community Foundation was established in 1995 when the First Fidelity Bank, through the Lillibridge Foundation, issued a challenge for the community to match $50,000 issued to the community. The grant was matched and the Trust fund from Dr. Vogelsang was combined with the Foundation fund. Assets have grown to $335,700 as of January 1 of 2021.


Gregory Community Foundation Grant Application

Since 1998, the Gregory Community Foundation has given over $195,000 in grants back to community projects and programs. To find out more about grant opportunities, please contact the advisory council.

Avera McKennan Foundation
Avera Gregory Healthcare Center
Carla Warnke - AED Program
Community Sunshine Club
Community Wellness Center
Connect Organization
Diamond Jubilee Budget
Dixon Town Hall
Dixon Townhall Theatre
Gregory Area Health Care System & Foundation
Gregory Athletics Club
Gregory Athletics Practice Field
Gregory Baseball Association
Gregory Bathroom Project
Gregory Bleacher Fund
Gregory Boy Scouts
Gregory Buttes Observation Park
Gregory Centennial Committee
Gregory Cinema, Inc.
Gregory Commercial Club
Gregory Community Ambulance
Gregory Community Daycare Center, Inc.
Gregory Community Garden Shed
Gregory Community Players
Gregory Community Service Center
Gregory Community Services
Gregory Community Sunshine Club
Gregory Community Wellness Center
Gregory County Historical Society
Gregory County Hope Society
Gregory County Immunization Coalition
Gregory County Shelter
Gregory County Summer Youth Academy
Gregory County Touch Love Program
Gregory Dakota Senior Meals
Gregory Day Care Center
Gregory Fitness Center
Gregory Food Pantry
Gregory Girl Scouts #40613
Gregory Golf & Recreation
Gregory Golf Association
Gregory Golf Club
Gregory Health Care
Gregory Health Care Dialysis Project
Gregory Health Care Medi-Mate Program
Gregory Horizons
Gregory Horseshoe
Gregory Lions Club
Gregory Ministerial Association
Gregory Municipal Airport
Gregory Nutrition Site
Gregory Observation Park
Gregory Pheasants Forever
Gregory Public Library
Gregory Racquetball Club
Gregory School
Gregory Senior Citizens Community Group
Gregory Sunshine Club
Gregory Volunteer Fire Department
Gregory Youth Basketball
Gregory Youth Recreation
Gregory^City of
Horizon Group
Immunization Coalition of Gregory County
International Association of Lions Clubs
Iona Community Center, Inc.
Oscar Micheaux Center
Outdoor Performing Art Center
Paxton Catholic Church
Pocahontas School Preservation
Rescue Unlimited
Rosebud Country Care
Rosebud Country Care Door To Door Adventu
Rural Office of Community Services, Inc.
South Dakota Community Foundation
Sunshine Club
Wear and Wears
Winner Resource Center for Families


Thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses who believe in a bright future for Gregory, we currently nearly $267,000 since 1995. This has allowed for nearly $195,000 in grants to be given back to the community! Thank you for believing in a bright future for Gregory.

Adrian & Joan Powell
Berens Real Estate & Tax Service
Betty Nikodym
Bill & Marta Haines
Bob & Beverly Boes
Bob & Gerrie Soper
Bob Mawhinney
Burke Riding Club
Charles & Diane Wonnenberg
Charles or Belva Walker
Charlotte Bain
Cheryl L. Johnson
City of Gregory
Cocks Unlimited
Consumer's Federal Credit Union
D.F. Air Conditioning
Dale & Madeline Pastian
Darlene C. Johnson
Darold Frasch
Del Wendell
Delbert & Lois Wendell
Donald & Janice Eickman
Donald & Lorraine Nemer
Doug Pochop
Dr. Eugene & Lois Bollinger
Dr. R. G. Nemer
Dr. Richard & Roberta Kafka
Dwight and Bonnie Johnson
Earl & Elizabeth Boxa
Edward & Louise Kahler
Eileen Drees
Eklund, Nicholson, Peterson & Fo Johnson
Elmer & Lillian Trautman
Elmer Karl
Emil & Polly Anne Cerney
Emmett Kotrba
Evelyn Haines
Family of Esther Mesick
First Fidelity Bank-Gregory
Florence Heerman
Flower Garden
Frank Drug
Gregg & Barb Drees
Gregory Animal Clinic
Gregory Rotary Club
Gwen Holmberg
H Van & Anne Kinzer
Harold E. Smith
Harry Jewell
Helen Smith
Herman & Inez Vanden Bosch
J & B Woodworking & Construction
James & Beverly Smith
James & Judy Vaughn
Jean Moser
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Cadillac Charity Fund
Jerry Wright
Jim & Marilyn Pochop
John & Bette Gustafson
Joseph & Elaine Sejvar
K & S Farms
Ken & Leona Schmitz
Ken & Myrna Lindwurm
Kenneth Perrin
Kimberly Veskrna
Klein's True Value
L.C. Charitable Trust Vogelgesang
Lana Siedenburg Johnson
Larry & Nancy Grim
Larry Kucera
Larry Shavlik
Larry Shepperd
Lawrence & Doris Berens
Lillibridge Family Fund
Linda & Wally Eklund
Linda (Stukel) & George Robert Bol Frame
Linda R. Myers
Lucille Blake
Lucille Robertson
Major Robert Harrison
Marie & Vedral, Dianne Gasen
Marjorie McMeen
Mark & Judith Meierhenry
Mary Suedbeck
Meierhenry Farm
Michael & Joni Karl
Mike & Carol Beth Winter
Mr. & Mrs. Orlon Higgins
Mr. Automotive
Mrs. Eugene (Kathryn S) Reed
Myrna H. Williamson
Myrum & Sylvia Mikkelsen
Nedra Diane Lundberg
Perry & Mary Powell
Pheasants Forever, Inc.
Plains Printing
Prairie Management Co.
Ray Elliott
Ray Lindwurm
Raymond Duling
Reubin & Viola Zeller
Richard & Beverly Rubel
Rick Hogue
Rob Pischel
Robert & Elinor Olson
Robert & Mary O'Neill
Robert Altenburg
Robert P. or Virginia L. Larimer
Roland & Nell Serr
Ronald & Mary Kyburz
Rosebud Auction Services, Inc.
Rosebud Family Clinic/Avera Health
Russ & Rhonda Grim
Ruth Kent
Sara Rohwer
Steffen Fencing
Sylvia Warnkvist
The Cadillac Charity Fund
Viola Jerred
Violet Hamilton
Vision Care Associates/Opthalmology Assoc
Wild Wings
Wm Co. of Gregory Krotter

Dale & Madeline Pastian
Dr. R. G. Nemer
Emmett Kotrba
First Fidelity Bank-Gregory
Gregory Rotary Club
Grossenburg Implement, Inc.
Jim Family Harder
L.C. Charitable Trust Vogelgesang
Lorraine family of Wenger
Merrill Family Springer
Paul Dappen
Peter & Marilyn Hegg
Richard & Frances Nikodym
Rosebud Concrete, Inc.

Darlene C. Johnson
Delbert & Lois Wendell
Dr. & Mrs. K.K. Verma
Dr. R. G. Nemer
Dr. R.G. & Elayne Nemer
First Fidelity Bank-Gregory
Grossenburg Implement, Inc.
Jean Moser
Jim & Marilyn Pochop
Larry Kucera
Louise Pederson
Mark V. Meierhenry
Myrum & Sylvia Mikkelsen
Nedra Diane Lundberg
Rosebud Concrete, Inc.
William J. Matousek

Dr. R.G. & Elayne Nemer
Earl & Elizabeth Boxa
Elmer & Kay Karl
First Fidelity Bank-Winner
G.F. Buche Foods
Gerald Rotter
Goldie Warnkvist
Gregory County Historical Center
Gregory Rotary Club
Harold & Kathy Winter
Harold & Lucile Robertson familiy
Harrison Plumbing
Hospital Auxiliary
Jeff Johnson
Jerry & Linda Jensen
Jim & Marilyn Pochop
Johnson, Pochop Law Office
Keith & Gracia Goodhope
Larry & Roberta Spann
Larry Kucera
Lillian Lane
Lillibridge Family Community Support Fund
Margaret Kainz
Marjorie Townsend
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hogrefe
Nedra Lundburg
Opal Carley
Ralph & Marlene Schuiling
Rich Rubel
Richard & Vickie Thomas
Robert & Cheryln Shaffer
Robert & Nancy Wirsing
Roger & Laura Petersen
Ronald & Mary Kyburz
Rosebud Farmers Union Coop
Sam & Shana Flakus
Scott & Julie Anshutz
Shirley Canon
Sinclair Radios
Sinkular Farms
Steve & Karli McCance
Virgil & Kathryn Fulwider

First Fidelity Bank-Gregory
Kyburz^Ronald & Mary
Meierhenry^Mark & Judith
Pochop^Jim & Marilyn
Gregory Rotary Club
Tri-County Bank
Grossenburg Implement, Inc.
Rosebud Concrete, Inc.
Class of 1962

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