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Founded in 2002 Giving Back to Canistota

The Canistota Community Foundation was established in 2002 to create a vehicle for individuals and businesses to give back to the place they have called home. Upon inception, the board accepted a challenge to raise $75,000 in order to receive a $25,000 grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation. The challenge was completed less than one year later! Today, generous supporters have given over $129,000 to support their community, and our board has distributed $58,400 in grants to groups and organizations making Canistota a better place.


The Canistota Community Foundation has distributed $58,400 to charitable and nonprofit projects since 2006. For more information about grants from our foundation, please contact the advisory council.

Our Contributors

Thanks to the generous supports below, the Canistota Community Foundation has over $129,000 working for the betterment of the community. Thank you to everyone who has shown a belief in a bright future of our community!

A. L. Hauge
Adams Construction Inc.
Addy Disposal, Inc.
Alvin & Carolyn Scott
Anderson Publications, Inc.
Canistota Chemical LLC
Canistota Good Samaritan Center
Canistota Lions Club
Canistota School District 43-1
Canistota Senior Citizens
Carl & Patricia Watson
Chad & Ginger Wells
Chad Keller
Charles Ortman
Cody Church
Constance Lund
Dale & Susan Shumaker
Dale Knox
Darin W. and Lisa R. Nugteren
Don L. Schenkel
Donald G Dawson
Doug & Leann Ortman
Dr. Ivan J Ortman
Dr. Jay W & Somer Ortman
Dr. Lon S. Weiland
Dr. Ryan & Bridget Ortman
Dr. Todd L. Weiland
Dr. Wayne Ortman
Golden West Telecommunications
H.W. Ortman
Ilene B. Weiland Trust
J Bartmann Company
James & Susan Baxa
Jeff & Angie Scott
Jeff & Janine Nielsen
John & Catherine Tieszen
Julson Insurance
Mae Lavelle DeKramer
Mark & Pam Jerman
Mary Cooper
Mary Royster
Matt & Susan Anderson
Monte Fuhrman D.V.M..
Ortman Clinic
Orval & Betty Lambertz
Patrick & Brenda Jolley
Prudence Calvin
Reed Tieszen
Richard & Dianne De Kramer Dawson
Robert & Laurel Taaffe Bevers
Ron & Karen Addy
Roy & Karen Peters
Russell Bunger
Salem Lumber Company
Security State Bank Canistota
Sioux Nation Holdings Inc.
South Dakota Community Foundation
South Dakota Poultry Headquarters
Thuringer Enterprises
Timothy & Carol Kay Bjorkman
Tom R. Ortman
Total Stop Food Store #460
Troy Pulse
U-Bar Inc.
Union Telephone Company
Vicki Wakefield
Wayne & Phyllis Arends
Wayne H. Ortman
Wayne Wormstadt
Wendell & Betty Anderson
White's Electric
Xcel Energy

Meet Our Board

    • President- Matt Anderson
    • Vice- Brad Miller
    • Secretary- Mandy Keller
    • Treasurer- Heather Broehm
    • Jeff Merrill

Support the Canistota Community Foundation Help Canistota thrive for generations to come.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 25
Canistota, SD 57012

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Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.