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Arlington Community Foundation

Learn about the CSA in Arlington, South Dakota.

Founded in 2022 Giving Back to Arlington

The Arlington Community Foundation was created in 1993 to receive and distribute funds to promote the social, economic, and educational welfare of the Arlington Community.

For 29 years, we have had a yearly fund drive and funds of nearly $300,000 have collected and distributed over those years. The idea of creating a permanent endowment became a reality with the opening of a Community Savings Account with the South Dakota Community Foundation in 2022.

At the same time we applied for and received a challenge grant from the SDCF. The Arlington Community Foundation is to raise $100,000 to receive a match of $25,000 from SDCF. We are presently working to meet this match.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arlington Community Foundation is to provide a way for residents, alumni, businesses, and visitors to give back to the Arlington community. By collecting funds to a permanent endowment, and only using the return on this fund, we will be assured of permanent and perpetual funding to assist with projects that address community needs, and enhance the quality of life for residents of all ages in the Arlington community.

Our Contributors

We only exist thanks to the generosity of our faithful contributors and investors.

Parkview Apartments
Valley FiberCom
Regg & Barbara Glawe
Maynards Food Center of Westbrook, Inc
Geneva Madsen
Dakota Ram Inc
Kings Lanes
Curt & Renae Lundquist
Ferne Liebsch
Martin Murphy
Homer's Pharmacy dba Nelson Drug
Kings Lanes
James Luke
Craig & Cindy Kjellsen
Steve & Linda Murphy
Patricia Rogers
Geoffery & Shantel Langland
Deloris Gilbertson
Jim & Ann Heuer
Prairie Ag Partners
Kingbrook Rural Water System Inc
Laurence & Joan Groon
Marge Kleinjan
Loren & Becky Converse
Donald Lee
Larry Green, D.D.S. Inc.
Genuine Builders Inc
Supporters of Arlington Community Foundation
Robert & Jane Pierce
Bruce Gunderson
John Bunker Construction
Jeff & Linda Stewart
Andrew & Brett King
Midwest Ag Insurance
Connie Steffensen
Alan & Elaine Groon
Johnsonville Spray Foam, LLC
Chris Hussak
Handi Mart LLC
Wayne & Melanie Fischer Family
Mary D. Rice
Citizens State Bank
John R. Rice
Arlington Community Foundation

Gifts were made to Arlington Community Foundation (a separate 501c3) and not directly to SDCF.

Meet Our Advisory Council

  • Martin Murphy
  • Todd Berndt
  • Ann Heuer

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Thank you for your interest in our foundation. If you have questions or comments about partnership opportunities, please let us know.