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To provide financial support as designated by the donor.

Fund Details

Who We Are

The South Dakota American Legion Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public organization created to attract and distribute charitable funds for the benefit of the South Dakota American Legion programs. The funds are deposited into an endowed permanent fund.

The Foundation is a collection of funds from organizations, families, individuals, and businesses that seek to assure the continuity of American Legion Programs for the long term.

With generous contributions and a dedicated group of American Legion members, the South Dakota American Legion Foundation was formed in 2010. These contributions are an effective and growing financial resource in which the South Dakota American Legion Department Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Foundation assure the future of American Legion Programs.

What is an “Endowed” or Permanent Fund?

The South Dakota Legion Foundation handles no funds directly. The donations received are forwarded to the South Dakota Community Foundation to be invested. From there, funds provide income and growth to meet or exceed inflation. Only a portion of the income can be distributed each year so funds are never depleted.

What are the distribution funds used for?

Funds that are distributed each year are used towards South Dakota American Legion programs. If donors do not specify how they want their gifts to be used, they will go to programs that benefit veterans in need. The Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation and Children & Youth programs benefits the most from these donations.

Who Can Establish a Fund?

Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations are invited to make contributions to the Fund. Establishing a separate named fund requires a minimum of $10,000, although arrangements can be made to accumulate the fund over a period of time. Gifts of any size may be made to the Fund.

What Type of Gifts Will the Foundation Accept?

Gifts may be given during your lifetime or through a will, estate or both. Gifts of cash, life insurance and real estate are the most common. Various forms of trust as well as gift annuities are also accepted.

Your gift is invested by the South Dakota Community Foundation and distributions are made from fund income to South Dakota American Legion programs only. You will become part of our regular reports on the status of the fund. Most importantly you will create your own unique mark that will promote the FOUR PILLARS of the AMERICAN LEGION.

Gifts of charity through a fund in the Foundation provide a permanent reliable stream of income. If the charity you value today changes in the future, the Foundation will ensure that your charitable intent is followed – always. The Foundation will pool your fund with other assets for the greatest return on investment.

The Four Pillars
1. Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
2. National Security
3. Americanism
4. Children and Youth

Are There Any Other Benefits to Fund Donors?

Besides recognition, permanence and professional management of charitable capital, giving your gift to the American Legion Foundation offers:

· Income, estate and tax savings to the maximum allowed by law.

· Simplicity. One gift may benefit many American Legion programs.

· Flexibility. Your objectives, gifts and timing are all unique and welcome.

· Accountability to YOU and to the public.

Make a Contribution

Contributions to the South Dakota American Legion Foundation are placed on deposit with the South Dakota Community Foundation, which is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The fund becomes an endowment with earnings funding worthwhile American Legion programs. You will be mailed a receipt for your contribution.