Producers Beef Bank, Inc. | South Dakota Community Foundation

To provide financial support for the promotion of beef production.

Fund Details

Supporting the Beef Industry

Pat Feeney was involved with the Producers Beef Bank of America for many years. He wanted to ensure that a financial support remained for South Dakota beef producers in the future. The Producers Beef Bank, Inc., fund was established in 2006.

The Producers Beef Bank has four objectives:

  • To promote and protect the financial interests of beef producers by formation of a beef bank
  • To assist producers in slaughtering, processing and storing their beef products
  • To assist producers in obtaining fair return on their labor and investment
  • To research and compile information that will enable beef producers to market their product in an orderly and profitable manner

If you want to support South Dakota beef producers, consider a gift to the Producers Beef Bank, Inc.