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To provide financial support to Huron area graduates attending accredited post-secondary educational institutions, as designated by the donor.

Fund Details

Huron University Foundation

Even though Huron College/University closed its doors in 2005, the Huron University Foundation remains intact and continues to support 125-150 college students each semester at Huron Community Campus in obtaining college credits, certificates, undergraduate degrees, and masters degrees from accredited post-secondary educational institutions.

The Foundation facilitates tuition rates that are up to 80% less than tuition charged for identical classes held by these universities on their home campuses. The foundation's endowment allows most undergraduate courses to be offered at only $40 per credit hour, while master degree courses are typically $150 hour.

About the Huron University Foundation

The Huron University Foundation was organized and incorporated in 1982 exclusively as a non-profit educational and charitable corporation for the benefit and purposes of Huron College/University and the students. The Foundation is the guardian of the permanent endowment fund of the college.

The Foundation is directed by nine trustees who are respected civic leaders. It is an independent foundation with endowment funds managed by the South Dakota Community Foundation to guarantee the perpetuity of benefitting Huron area students seeking post-secondary education.