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To provide immediate, short-term, critical financial support to women in South Dakota.

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Small grants that make a big difference

It isn’t always easy to make ends meet. Sudden illnesses, loss of employment, abuse, and other issues can spring up and devastate strong women in our communities. We help them get back on their feet.

The Fairy Godmother’s Fund was created to improve the health and well-being of South Dakota women with limited resources. The fund helps them address immediate, short-term, critical needs that can't be met by traditional funding options. There are no grant applications, no long forms or dense financial paperwork to fill out. Our advisory council of women throughout the state works to ensure the funds are directly paid to benefit women’s needs throughout the year.

A fairy godmother is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Through your contribution to The Fairy Godmother’s Fund, you can help the women of South Dakota. With your involvement, this can be a never-ending story of people helping people.

Every first-time contributor of $100 or more will receive a fairy godmother lapel pin. For a donation of $250 or more, you’ll also receive a fairy godmother tote. We invite you to wear these to spark interest among other women.

For more information on The Fairy Godmother’s Fund, read our brochure or contact us.

Advisory Council

The Fairy Godmother’s Fund’s Advisory Council consists of women from across the state. The women volunteer their time to ensure funds are paid to the most pressing needs.

  • Beth Benning of Spearfish
  • Sally Christenson of Pierre
  • Linda Daugaard of Garretson
  • Linda Erickson of Sioux Falls
  • Erin Fouberg of Aberdeen
  • Marilyn Grossenburg of Winner
  • Barbara Harms of Brookings
  • Jean Koehler of Mitchell
  • Amy Mickelson of Sioux Falls
  • Penny Porter of Sioux Falls
  • Peg Seljeskog of Rapid City
  • Ann Sigelman of Watertown

The Fairy Godmother’s Fund continues to gain momentum. Donations go to meet pressing needs in the lives of women who are struggling with medical challenges, striving for a brighter future or are being mistreated. South Dakotans don’t think twice about helping their neighbors in need, so consequently, I find it fairly easy to ask friends and neighbors to support those who need it most.

the late Glenna Fouberg, Fairy Godmother’s Fund Advisory Council Charter Member

Grants from the Fairy Godmother's Fund benefit women in a variety of ways including:

  • Chronic health issues resulted in a woman living in a domestic violence shelter needing to travel at least forty miles for several medical appointments. After getting caught in a storm, it became apparent that her car needed some new tires. Your dollars made a difference in her life!
  • Assistance was provided for a mother whose husband had been recently deployed. Funds helped with multiple trips to Minneapolis, necessitated by surgeries needed for their 3-year-old daughter.
  • A totally blind woman wanted to purchase the Orcam My Eyes digital assistant so that she could re-claim her independence at home, work, and in social situations. Orcam includes a tiny camera which attaches to any pair of eyeglasses allowing access to visual information through audio. Even though she was on a very limited income, she was able to save nearly half the cost of this purchase. Your gift opened up a whole new world for this woman!
  • A single mom, recently diagnosed with scoliosis, was able to purchase a washing machine for her and her 5-year-old son. She was unable to drive to a laundromat due to her disability.
  • A woman thought a 2-year-old boy placed in her care would just be a temporary situation. Instead, the boy ended up being adopted into her family. They needed furniture and were able to obtain everything needed except a dresser for the child’s clothes. Your generous donations made this purchase possible.

How to Make a Referral to the Fairy Godmother's Fund

All requests for assistance must come from nonprofit organizations or community members. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund does not accept self-referrals. Contact the SDCF at (800) 888-1842 to obtain a referral form.

Lending a Helping Hand

Your generous contributions make a huge difference in the lives of women all across South Dakota. Your assistance to these women in their time of need is greatly appreciated. So far, donors have contributed nearly $416,000 to the fund. Join your friends and neighbors in supporting the Fairy Godmother’s Fund and help make an impact in your community!

Donors: January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

James Abbott & Deborah Vander Woude

Joel & Jane Albrecht

Roberta Ambur


Deanell Backlund

Elizabeth Bauer

Jim & Beth Benning

Victor & Patty Beringer

Tim & Bonnie Bjork

Jim & Donna Boekelheide

Bruce & LeeAnn Brandner

James & Linda Breckenridge

Susan Burgard

Doug & Linda Buri

Chapter B P.E.O.

Bernie & Sally Christenson Family Fund

Sally Christenson

Catherine Clark

Betty & Rickter Clay

Deb Fischer Clemens

Janet B. Cronin

Clay & Karen Cudmore Charitable Fund

Daugaard for South Dakota

Dennis & Linda Daugaard

Jan DeBerg

Trish Delaney

Delta Dental of South Dakota

Dennis & Janice Driscoll

Kris & Steve Egger Charitable Fund of SFACF

Jeff & Linda Erickson Family Fund

Michael & Barbara Evans

Susan Evans

Cy & Sandy Farner

William Fischer

Robert & Erin Fouberg

Rodney Fouberg

Todd & Linda Fulmer

Mary Gederos

Joel & Carol Gengler

Eldon & Suzanne Gilchrist

Richard & Nancy Gowen

Linda Mickelson Graham

Janet Grasse

Barry & Marilyn Grossenburg

Grossenburg Cattle Company, Inc.

Emily Guhin

Wayne Gustafson

William & Patricia Haigh

Barbara Reed Harms

Jim & Nini Hart

Daniel & Donna Harvey

William Haugen

Theresa Henehan

Jon & Carla Hoffman

Edward Hogan

Joan Hogan

Dody Hopkins

Marilyn Hoyt

Daryl & R. Sally Isburg

Glenn Jakober

Ardelle & Orin Johnson

Bradley & Carol Johnson

Dusty & Jacquelyn Johnson

Kathryn Johnson

Scott & Julia Jones

Matt & Stephanie Judson Family Fund

Darrel & Deanna Kaiser

T. & Karen Kellen

Tim & Amy Kessler

Jacki Koehler

Jean A. Koehler

Charles & Caroline Kornmann

Mary Lamont

Chad & Michelle Lang

Donley & Carolyn Lang

Mary Ellen Lantis

Carson & Julie Larson

Delores Lauinger

Thomas & Ellen Lee

Margaret Lehr

Loren & Sophie Leitzke

Edith Lien

Mark & Beth Massa

Robert & Donna Masters

Robert & Pamela McLaughlin

Miriam Melick

Victoria Mettler

Carmen Meyer

Amy Mickelson

David & Valerie Mickelson

G. Mark & Cynthia Mickelson

Rees & Bonnie Mielke

Brad & Kathy Moore

Stephen & Trudy Morgan

Mike & Kathi Mueller

Mark & Lynn Murphy

Dan & Ginger Niemann

Deborah Olson

Crystal Ortbahn

Tom & Lori Oster

Ann Paradise

Maggie Pauley

Stephen & Linda Peters

Patti Petersen

John & Penny Porter

John T. & Penny L. Porter Family Fund

Presentation Sisters

Georgia Ramos

Kevin & Cindy Rau

Regency Development

Eldon & Donna Reich

Janet Ricketts

Charles & Kathleen Riter

William & Linda Roth

Rosemary Rounds

Tona Rozum

Steven & LaVonne Schaeffer

Daniel & Rebecca Schenk

Edward & Peg Seljeskog

William & Marcie Shorma Family Foundation

Ann Sigelman

Jacqueline & Burton Sly

Terry & Anita Small

Kelsey Webb Smith

Gaylord & Cathy Sonnenschein

Darcy Sorenson

Dean & Rita Sorenson

Dean & Rita Sorenson Charitable Fund

Deborah Sorenson

South Dakota Bankers Association

South Dakota Community Foundation

South Dakota Department of Education

John & Nancy Sternquist

Cody & Cassie Stoeser

Yvonne Streight

Sharon Stroschein

Elizabeth Sutherland

Bill & Lori Sutton

Leslie & LeeAnna Thiel

Melissa Waldner

Roger & Jody Werth

Connie Williams

Curt A. & Susan R. Wischmeier

Sandra Zinter

A Strong Start

The Fairy Godmother’s Fund began in 2009 with $11,000 in donations from hundreds at a women’s conference in Pierre, including $5,000 from the South Dakota Community Foundation.

With that strong foundation, the fund has continued to grow. During our twelve years of grantmaking, the endowment fund at the South Dakota Community Foundation holds over $455,000 and has awarded 171 grants totaling nearly $79,000.

“The needs that come before the advisory council are tangible and urgent. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund has the power and agility to meet needs that many traditional nonprofits and social service organizations are unable to fulfill. When darkness and challenges loom large, the Fairy Godmother’s Fund shines a ray of hope into the lives of South Dakota women through financial assistance.”

Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer

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