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Faulkton Named 2021 Outstanding Philanthropic Community of the Year

November 15, 2021 // Community Savings Account

The City of Faulkton was recently named the 2021 Outstanding Philanthropic Community. Faulkton is a friendly town of 736 people, situated between the James and Missouri rivers. Within this small South Dakota town lives many community-minded residents.

Our committed Faulkton Area Foundation (FAF) council is definitely what has made a lot of what we have done a success. The time and commitment to this community by every one of the council members, both past and present, shows how dedicated we are to the future success of this community.

Lisa Mueller, FAF advisory council member.

Despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the FAF Advisory Council continued forward with a matching challenge presented by the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) in 2015. The FAF was tasked with raising $200,000 for a match of $50,000 within five years. Dollars were to be endowed and create a lasting long-term funding source for charitable causes in their community. When the pandemic hit, council members knew they had to shift gears to meet their goal.

Creating adaptations to some of our fundraising efforts due to COVID made them even more successful.

Lisa Mueller

"Not sure you can put a number on the hours per week for a year and a half our seven advisory council members put in as it was more than a full-time job," said Mueller.

The community rallied around reaching the FAF’s matching goal and committed time, talent and treasure toward the effort. In addition to sharing their goal of creating an endowment for Faulkton with many residents, the FAF started a “Chase the Ace” fundraiser, hosting four rounds. In 1½ years, FAF was able to raise and invest over $980,000 for their community’s charitable causes. Faulkton is blessed with many individuals who are willing to step forward and make things happen out of the goodness of their heart. Through recent successes, the Faulkton community exemplifies a commitment to giving back for the greater good.

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