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The National Standards Seal signifies that we have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy and that we have demonstrated our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.


Our History


Fueled by Governor George S. Mickelson's vision for South Dakota and financially supported by matching grants from the McKnight Foundation and 3M Corporation, the South Dakota Community Foundation became a public, non-profit corporation on November 11, 1987.


Matching grants from the 3M Corporation and the McKnight Foundation, founded by White, SD native and former 3M CEO William McKnight, challenged South Dakotans to establish an organization working to make a positive impact on every community in the state.


To meet the original $5 million matching challenge, the state of South Dakota committed $2 million to the project and the SDCF leadership worked to raise the remaining $3 million within a year.

bullet Today the SDCF manages a $135 million endowment fund and has awarded over $60 million in grants to non-profits in South Dakota.

Governor Mickelson