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The Fairy Godmother's Fund

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The concept of helping others less fortunate is a lesson we learned as children. If we lived our lives like a fairy tale and good deeds produced a happy ending, the world would truly be a better place.

The South Dakota Community Foundation is pleased to announce its first "Field of Interest Fund", directing its interests and benefits to a certain cause. The Fairy Godmother's Fund provides flexible accessible monies to improve the Health and well being of South Dakota women with limited resources and to address immediate short-term critical needs not met by traditional funding options.

Become a Fairy Godmother

Through your contribution to the Fairy Godmother's Fund, you can leave a legacy to women of South Dakota. With your involvement, this can be a never-ending story of people helping people. Every contributor of $100 or more will receive a "Fairy Godmother" lapel pin that can be worn to spark interest among other women, and for a donation of $250 or more a contributor will receive a “Fairy Godmother” tote.


For more information on The Fairy Godmother's Fund please contact Ginger at SDCF