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Professional Advisors
Grant Applicants


The National Standards Seal signifies that we have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy and that we have demonstrated our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.


Example Fund

Distribution Criteria


The annual grant making distribution is 4.5% of average fair market value of total endowment, which average is to be computed based on sixteen quarter trailing average.


Funds must be invested for one year to be eligible for valuation. All funds are valued as of December 31 of each year and funds are available for distribution the following year. Funds established in 2013 will be valued 12/31/14 and distributions available in 2015. Money can be held outside of the endowment to make distributions during the first year.


Average Rate of Return:  Last 20 years: 7.1%

SDCF Example Fund

A $100,000 Fund = .11% of the entire endowment pool.


Administrative Fee
$100,000 Fund - 1,000
(1.0% x $100,000)

Available for Distribution
$100,000 x 4.5% - $4,500


$147,000,000   Fair Market Value
x 7.1%
  20 year Average Return
$10,437,000   Total Earnings
x .07%
  Fund % to Total
$7,100   Fund Earnings
- 1,000
  Administrative Fee
$ - 4,500
$1,600   Undistributed Income that is added to your fund