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The National Standards Seal signifies that we have met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy and that we have demonstrated our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.


South Dakota Fund Grants

The South Dakota Community Foundation makes grants to non profit and charitable organizations across the state in support of economic development, human services, Health, education and cultural programs.  The SDCF Board of Directors awards approximately $500,000 each year from the South Dakota Fund to support charitable organizations.

How South Dakota Fund Grants Differ from Community Innovation Grants

South Dakota Fund Grants support a broader spectrum of charitable activities in the areas listed above, while the Community Innovation Grants focus on supporting projects that aim to be a part of the community problem-solving process.

To apply:

  1. Read the grant making guidelines.

  2. Fill out a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) in eGrant. You will be notified within 15 business days of a decision.

  3. If the LOI is approved, the applicant will be invited to complete a full application in eGrant.

  4. The Foundation staff and board of directors will review your application.

  5. You will be notified of their decision in 45-60 days if your grant has been approved or denied.

Click the eGrant logo at the left to start the Grant Application process.

A DRAFT Grant Application is available for preview before filling out the actual application.